We are thrilled to be holding this weeks archi-treasures benefit at Dirtt showroom and there’s still time to join us this Wednesday night at Dirtt Showroom at 325 N Wells Street (2nd Floor), just east of the Merchandise Mart.  This is a space that we’ve been looking forward to stepping into to take it all in, and we think you will too.  The new DIRTT showroom is an ode to environmental sustainability’s tenets – Reduce and Reuse. It is proof that being conscientious doesn’t mean less design or function.

We’re looking forward to looking into new green ideas and technologies, so we can continue to look for ways to bring green design to our archi-treasures projects in the coming year.  Our Lathrop Homes Community Planning Project had teens building a solar panel, as well as visiting the Center for Green Technology to learn more about sustainable development and how it might apply to the revitalization of Lathrop Homes, an historic public housing development, located on the Chicago River at Diversey and Clybourn.
So, please join us at a cool space, for smooth and sultry jazz, good eats and the opportunity to mingle with your peers, and others that support the mission of archi-treasures.  Click here to register now.
More on Dirtt
According to Dirtt staff and leadership, they’ve taken the parametric capabilities of their movable wall system even further than they did last year with a stunning array of angles in their new modular glass wall. “We are able to stay completely inside the rules of our Walls and yet provide designers the freedom to create a palette of angles up to 15 degrees off perpendicular,” said Industrial Designer and DIRTT product leader, Geoff Gosling. “This includes verticals being ‘off-vertical’ and it remains within the typical behaviors of our solutions. Our intent is to continually redefine the potential of what a wall can be, and we believe that this is no exception.”
More on Typhanie Monique
Typhanie Monique has achieved international status as a rising star vocalist by immersing herself in her true passion. Versed in a wide range of genres and influences including jazz, funk, hip-hop, pop and improvised freestyle, the soulful-voiced chanteuse, bandleader and songwriter has earned a reputation as a fearless boundary-crosser and a natural born frontwoman with superb scatting chops and well-honed emcee skills. Since her Chicago debut more than a decade ago,Howard Reich of the Chicago Tribune refers to Typhanie as “the next major jazz artist to take flight”.