One of archi-treasures‘ core values is “everyone has something to contribute.” On archi-treasures projects:

  • A neighborhood welder built a new wrought iron fence around a garden
  • A businessman whose father grew up in Logan Square donated $1000
  • An art teacher worked with his students after school to create a mosaic panel for an outdoor bench
  • A 3 year old carried mulch in a plastic bucket to put around newly planted flowers
  • A grandmother supervised teenagers from her community in a summer youth employment program, working with them to design and build outdoor play areas for younger children
  • A neighbor DJ’d for 2 hours at a project celebration
  • An architect brought a group of neighborhood teens to visit his downtown office

Creative Community Change

There are many opportunities to get involved with archi-treasures.

  • Launch a project in your community
  • Volunteer to work with archi-treasures
  • Join an archi-treasures Board or committee
  • Sponsor an archi-treasures project or sponsor archi-treasures
  • Make a Donation

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