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Our Partners Make It Possible

archi-treasures uses art and design as tools to bring people together, create social connections, and strengthen communities. archi-treasures’ community participatory programs work on both an individual level and community level, taking into consideration the individual and how they connect to their peers, family, and community.

Measured Impacts and Outcomes

archi-treasures evaluates its programs using before and after participant surveys, qualitative analysis with stakeholders, and social impact surveys. Each project is complete upon delivery of a final report that includes documentation, evaluative data and surveys, and a maintenance manual.

What You Get with All archi-treasures Programs

  • Program plan with project management
  • Professional instruction/leadership
  • All materials and supplies
  • Assessed measured outcomes
  • Maintenance manual
  • Construction, fabrication, and production expertise

Cost of an archi-treasures Program

Programs are developed in distinct phases that have associated costs. Every project is customized and costs range from $5,000 to $80,000. Customized projects may include a combination of different program types. In addition, archi-treasures offers ongoing programs designed to meet the long term needs of communities. The key component of all archi-treasures’ projects is community engagement throughout the design process.

To match an archi-treasures program with your goals, call 773 772 4416. You can also contact Executive Director, Joyce Fernandes, at if you are interested in becoming a partner or if you have questions.