Jewels in July Gems of the Community

Gem of the Community – Damon Lamar Reed

Damon Lamar Reed has worked with archi-treasures since 2010 and has completed projects at Barbara Jean Wright Court Apartments, Germano Millgate Apartments, and most recently 51st & King Drive. He also worked with the Transition to Careers program participants at Association House to create the mural Release located at Grand and Tripp.

Damon is the first artist that archi-treasures has honored with the Gem of the Community Award. We have chosen to award Damon not only for the number of quality projects that he has completed with archi-treasures, but for his ability to work collaboratively with people of all ages and from different backgrounds successfully facilitating their participation in the creative process. See more of his visual and audio artwork on his website and Facebook.

Gems of the Community – City of Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events

archi-treasures is awarding the City of Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events the Gem of the Community Award for the extensive community process that they used to develop the City’s Cultural Plan. 4,700 people actively participated in person in the development of the Cultural Plan which was released in November, 2012. Michelle Boone is Commissioner and the plan was created under her leadership and that of Mayor Rahm Emmanual. The Gem of the Community award will be accepted by Julie Burros, Director of Cultural Planning.