Where We Operate

archi-treasures operates in communities throughout Chicago, with over 22 community areas served. 3o% of Chicagoans live within one mile of an archi-treasures project. See the map below of our over 120 community projects:

Community Participants

Partnerships with community-based organizations provide the foundation for all archi-treasures projects. Rather than rely on the efforts of a single visionary leader, whether it’s an artist or a community activist, archi-treasures builds upon the existing relationships.

Stakeholders for our projects may be teenagers who need a summer job or senior citizens who need an afternoon activity. They form a core group that expands as the project evolves, creating more social connections and opportunities for interaction.

2017 Community Sites

In 2017, archi-treasures is working in five Chicago neighborhoods: South Chicago, Grand Boulevard, Douglas, Near West Side, and Uptown. Below are the six program sites where we have active projects. For more information about our program schedule and activities for a particular site, contact Sean at sean@architreasures.org.

Germano Milgate Apartments, 8902 W. Burley Ave. (Front Porch Project)
Rosewald Courts Apartments, 4648 S. Michigan Ave. (Design/ Build Project)
51st and King Drive Apartments, 5049 S. King Dr. (Art Camp)
Lake Grove Village Apartments, 3500 S. Lake Park Ave. (Design/ Build Project)
Barbara Jean Wright Courts Apartments, 1354 S. Morgan St. (Art Camp)
Voice of the People, 4418 N. Magnolia (Cultural Asset Mapping Project)