Our projects

Twenty years of archi-treasures learning from communities has resulted in the development of four program models. Together, they represent a comprehensive vision for community transformation and a more livable City.

1. The Front Porch Project

The Front Porch Project partners creative professionals with subsidized housing residents to develop projects that address community issues while improving a property. An annual cycle of employment programs is combined with quarterly facilitated conversations.

2. The Garden Gallery Project

The Garden Gallery Project engages students and community residents to redesign an underutilized outdoor space for community use. Vacant lots, schoolyards, hospital grounds, and open space within housing developments are all possibilities.

3. The Cultural Assets Project

The Cultural Assets Project maps the existing assets within a neighborhood such as public art, architecture, and murals. This information is then used to develop tours that activate neighborhood space and a curriculum that encourages students to learn from their own neighborhood.

4. Design/Build Projects

archi-treasures partners with developers to engage stakeholders in Design/Build Projects that support a legacy of creative engagement in their development.

This vision begins with the Front Porch Project, then grows by engaging housing residents in asset mapping activities to identify existing cultural assets within their community. A second asset mapping project identifies underutilized spaces.

From these asset maps, projects such as tours, gardens, and public art are developed while providing employment for low-income housing residents.

This approach to community development engages at-risk populations where they live, building their capacity for employment and civic engagement as they contribute to the livability of their own neighborhood.