Types of Projects

archi-treasures’ Programs

archi-treasures uses the arts as a tool to build community, empowering people to envision and to enact change. Community members partner with creative professionals to brainstorm, then create projects to enliven their environment. We have four main program categories and a variety of examples in each category:

  • Garden Programs: planting beds, water features, arbors and trellises, pathways, signs and information kiosks, greenhouses, cold frames
  • Public Art Programs: painted and mosaic murals, banners and signage, sculpture and functional installations, interactive technology based artwork
  • Placemaking Programs: age-specific play and athletic structures, outdoor furniture and athletic areas structures, outdoor movie theaters, outdoor classrooms, performance spaces
  • Media Art Programs: documentaries, websites, cookbooks, comic books, and history books, maps and tour guides

archi-treasures’ Partners

archi-treasures has partnered with a variety of organizations throughout Chicago, with over fifteen years of arts-based community development. We have three main program partner categories and a variety of examples in each category:

Take a moment to learn more about our projects by perusing our projects pages, arranged by program and partner type. For more information or to discuss a program idea, call 773 772 4416.